Cooking For Parrots: Success Story

We received the following success story from the birdie beak itself! Amazing how talented birds are these days, and technologically savvy

Here are some photos that Miss Pina included with her email…

Miss Pina enjoying a recipe from our BirdTricks Cookbook

Miss Pina enjoying a recipe from the BirdTricks Cookbook

If you think your bird refuses to eat healthy, I recommend you try our recipes before passing judgement and letting your bird get away with eating whatever it wants. Even if your bird is hooked on french fries, mac and cheese, potato chips… we have BIRD-SAFE versions of those exact foods in our recipe book to convert your bird onto the healthy versions that are not stuffed with chemicals, preservatives, salts, sugars, and fat.

Not convinced? Check out these success stories we’ve had just recently of birds who dove into our recipes. There’s a recipe in there for every birdy! These recipes were given to birds as small as budgies to as large as cockatoos and macaws.

Our “Sueshe” recipe from the BirdTricks Cookbook

You can ask real birdtricks customers what their birds think of our recipes on our facebook page. Pick up your digital copy today at BirdTricksStore.

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