Naturally Made Parrot Toys: Safe For YOUR Birds

I am sooooo proud of our parrot toy line! I couldn't possibly boast about it enough. When I found this line of Planet Pleasures toys, I KNEW they would be the ONLY line of toys we would carry. I 100% stand behind them and what they're made of. Not only do they make me so happy, but more so my birds and that's what is truly important! 

Our toys are all-natural, made from materials from the islands of the Philippines such as oyster shell, coconut husks, corn husks and more. They are also handmade by over 500 families there whom we (and YOU!) help to support by your purchase/subscription.

They are also super easy to convert to foragers! Making them more likely to be destroyed and keep those beaks healthy and naturally trimmed. 

When you order our bundle of 3 toys you can get them in 3 sizes; small, medium or large.

I personally prefer to size up for most of my birds because I can get more use out of the toys and I find the larger they are, the easier they are to use for foraging. For example, I give my galah and African grey parrot both medium and large sized toys. For my sun conures, I may give them both small and medium toys (they can even use the large!) but if you have a budgie, the small size on its own is best. 

Here are some examples of the variety of toys you will receive in your boxes. Remember, we pick the toys and keep it changing to keep it interesting for your bird(s)! 

Some of the foods I use in foragers (nuts are in the shell to make it take that much more time!): 

I offer my birds foraging opportunities well after breakfast. I want them eating their entire breakfast, so later in the afternoon is when foraging is planned for. I'll set it up for an evening foraging event if I am using their pellets. 

So why let us choose the toys and surprise you? 

Easy, sometimes owners find that their bird is really into one type of toy and they ONLY buy that. But how do you know or learn to encourage your bird to branch out from that natural like if you aren't ever given the opportunity? It's a good challenge for you as the companion to your bird to work to entice your bird to play with different shapes, colors and textures of the toys that arrive! Plus, it's fun to open a surprise! Both you and your bird get to be surprised by each and every box of toys. 

Plus, if you REALLY want the same toy again, or ones like it, you can always write to us and request it! We are easy to reach - Wendy is our manager and customer service rep and will always take care of you at! 

Every team member of BirdTricks gets our toys monthly and we always love the surprise of opening the box, if you do a box reveal video please share it with us!  

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James Ph. Kotsybar

What have you got for an obsessive compulsive “crunch-bird” who can go through a bulk bag of bird kabob’s in a week and still gnaw down his hardwood manzanita perch. Is there an indestructible “Kong” toy for birds?

James Ph. Kotsybar

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