Parrot Magic: The ULTIMATE Parrot Ownership Course

If you just want to SEE what all you get in this entire 12-month subscription (which you can receive all at once or monthly for 12 months.) then the video above is definitely for you! 

If you want ALL THE DETAILS, then the below video is for you! 

Plus, Bondi (my female galah) and Cressi (my female grey parrot) help me show you everything and even demonstrate some of the tricks we explain in our newsletters. 

This course is meant to give you pretty much everything we've ever produced in one whole sha-bang! When you receive it monthly, it's meant to be quantities you can handle, or your brain and schedule can handle. It's a ton of information on ALL topics:

  • Parrot health
  • Parrot nutrition 
  • Bond building games
  • Trick training
  • Original trick training
  • Parrot behavior 
  • How to get your bird to be more active 
  • How to get your bird to eat healthy
  • Flight training (our entire flight training course.) 
  • Avoiding bad habits and raising your bird right from the get-go 
  • Hormones 

And everything else you could possibly think of, it's covered. Everything from raising a bird from a baby to how to train and work with birds who have endured trauma, to special needs. 

If you have ever checked out our entire store on our site then you know we've been around a while and produced products on every topic. We include it all, right here, in this ultimate parrot ownership course. 

Available on our website: Parrot Magic

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