Show Reel of Performing Parrots & Raptors

I thought you all might enjoy seeing a video showing me and some of the incredible birds I am lucky enough to work with to give you a better insight to what I do for a living.


I hope you enjoy it: This is me!



Feathered cast, in order of appearance:

Che and Esteban – Hahn’s Macaws

Bonnie and Alfie – Green-winged Macaws

Kookie –  Kookaburra

Wispa – Barn Owl

Flint – Harris Hawk

Zeus and Athena – White Storks

Ruby – Green-winged Macaw

Rosie – Galah (Rose-breasted Cockatoo)

Molly – Citron-crested Cockatoo

Charlie – Blue-fronted Amazon

(Coco, Blue and Gold Macaw in the background!)

Jasper – Congo African Grey

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All these birds are so cute Heather! Congratulations for training them perfectly! My favorite is Wispa I think, I would love to meet him :))


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