Update from Training in the Bahamas

Blue and Gold Macaws

Dave and I have been in the Bahamas now for 4 days and so far we’ve got both Jersey and Chayko spinning on command and touch training really well. Here on the island, they really want them to be content hanging out on a foraging tree in the beach area so people can enjoy seeing them and hearing them practice talking. And yesterday they stayed there for an hour and a half happily! Above is me working with Cathy Daly, the main person who will be handling the macaws on the island and currently their favorite person… to bite.

We were very proud of their progress – when we first got here, they were biting madly at the people and not staying on the tree. They’ve made lots of progress but there’s always more to make so we are still working away!

Blue and Gold Macaw

We took them to our house here on island for an hour or so and just hung out with them like old times… we had a blast, and I think it’s safe to say they did too!

The next few days we will be focusing on having more crew around the island touch train them as well as teach Cathy so she can teach others, how to handle them properly. No more bloody hand pictures!

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