Another Freeflying Bird Livin' The Life!

Photo by Jason Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Freeflying: Galah "Ace" 

For more photos of Ace freeflying in Idaho, click here

So you guys should remember, Ace, the galah... he was raised with my own galah, Bandit, for a while. We raised Ace part way for some friends and bird-sitted Ace for 24 hours... he's made his number of appearances in my blog and flickr! 

Originally, Ace was got for freeflight by his owners but they got really nervous when it came time to take him outside and decided not to attempt freeflight with him. However, their minds started to change as they began to see how much less Ace screamed inside their apartment when he got the opportunity to fly at their large warehouse on some days. They began thinking... if flight helps the annoying screaming, maybe we should try this again...

It was back to recall training in large spaces and at home, Ace hadn't lost it and was super enthusiastic to fly every time, every day. So, one day it just felt right and they took him out. He went wild, all over and loved every second of it! They started taking him out every day after that and finally snapped some photos for me to share on the third day of having him fly outside. I was SO excited for Ace! 

Now I can't wait to go visit them so Bondi and Bandit (my own galahs) can join Ace outside sometime!

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.

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