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Many people ask how I like my CBD cages so I thought I’d write a little something about them (I have two of their indoor parrot cages which I chose to use photos of for this post.)   I’ve never drooled over a bird cage before or thought about putting one (aside from an outdoor aviary) on a wish list, either. That is, until I saw the ones Cages by Design offer. My mother is an interior designer so I’ve always tended to care about what things look like inside the house (and even she doesn’t have one of their cages in her own!). I’m also not the best with math or dimensions… so I picked my own CBD cages based on their look from the catalog and website and also by the size of the birds that they had pictured inside.   When we actually got the cages delivered, it was 20 boxes to our door for two cages! We ended up having to set them up in our Florida room (where they would stay) because we could not fit them through the doorway when they were fully assembled. That will be the last time I’m put in charge of picking and ordering the cages for our birds…  

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Aside from the look of the cages being one of my favorite characteristics of them, there are also many other factors of these cages that I prefer and love and make it so that I will never go back to another cage, ever:  

1) Full spectrum lighting: For indoor kept parrots, having full spectrum lighting is essential to their health (plumage included.) More information on full spectrum lighting health benefits.

2) Cage liners cut to fit: There’s no yanking out the colored newspaper so your bird doesn’t get ink poisoning, they provide custom cut cage liners made of wax paper (that your bird can’t reach through the grate of the cage anyway) for any size cage you buy. This has made changing cages go a lot faster.

3) Friendly feeders: Their very own invention of “friendly feeders” keep so much more food inside the food dish vs. out.

4) Plexi glass front: The plexi glass on the front of their cages makes it so that you can enjoy looking at your beautiful parrots without watching them throw food at you (though you can have your cage made custom however you prefer.)

5) All the bells and whistles: I ordered my cages with everything included – the feeders, the toys, the perches and swings. I loved being able to set up this whole new world for my birds in one sitting and not have to go to the store to decorate it. The perches are made of manzanita so they aren’t going anywhere.

6) Storage: I use to hate how when people came over to my home they saw bags upon bags of bird food along with a bucket of perches and toys waiting for their turn to be put in a needing cage. Now I have everything in nice bins that are hidden within my cages’ own storage space. (I will say again that looks are important to me in the home.)

7) Beautiful backgrounds: I never thought of giving a bird cage the background like you would give an aquarium but I feel that it really enhances the look of the cages (maybe just for the humans but I would think the birds appreciate the extra color it provides, too.)   And then there’s everything else about the cage that I also love. The more important thing is that my parrots love their cage even more than I do – and they do. This is only proven by witnessing them inside! I have a few videos up that you can find of my birds in their cages keeping themselves busy (my military macaw is famous for this). The only recommendations I’d have for possible enhancements or changes would be: A live water fall (oh, wait!) and for it to clean itself.

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.


Kim woodward

Hello I would like to inquire on a custom cage for my yellow nape Amazon. Can y call me at (317) 371-2853

Kim woodward

Hello. I left a message on your phone about being interested in one of your cages. I’m anxious to talk so contact me when it’s most convenient. Cindy.


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