Chicken Soup for the Parrot Soul

Photo by David Location: West Palm Beach, Florida Shown: Congo African Grey Parrot "Cressi"

While living out of my RV, I've found it easier to make everything with my crock pot (aka slow cooker). And in doing so, I try to stay away from high sodium things, as well as foods high in sugar so that leftovers can go to my parrots. One of the favorite recipes my husband and I love to make... is chicken noodle soup. We love to just mix in whatever veggies we have (usually this consists of celery, carrots, green beans, onions and red potatoes) and of course, chicken. Then we add water and some chicken bullion cubes and call it a day. We add the noodles towards the end when the soup is around 20 minutes from being done so they get cooked into the mixture as well and wah-lah! Dinner, or lunch, is served. I strained the soup and just kept all the goodies; the noodles, veggies, potatoes, etc. and put it into paper bowls for my birds. I served it to them on the floor of their aviaries and they were in heaven! Especially my African Grey, Cressi (pictured above). Try making healthier foods for you, so that your birds can enjoy on the leftovers too! It will make life a lot easier!

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.

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