My Flock!

The life of a bird trainer can be confusing to follow - which birds are actually mine and which are just being trained for someone else?!

I made a few videos to show off my own birds so it's a little more clear, and included so that you truly get to know them and their own, unique quirks.

Quick note for those of you that know we have 3 sun conures; they are staying at Flying Colors Aviary enjoying a full season of free flight with the flock there in Moab, UT. We brought them there at the end of the season last year since we were in Moab all summer (2017) and they (Lily and Detka) loved flying out there! We are hoping Phoebe takes part this season. We were lucky enough to leave any of our birds there whenever we had to go out of town for performances and it seemed nicer for them to just stay since we planned to put them back out there in the season. So that's why they didn't make it into this video!

We don't really take our toco toucan, Rocko, out with our parrots for safety reasons. So his video was done separately!

And just because he has quirks that people have not been privy to in the past, I included some extras of Comet...

 After watching them all, who is your favorite?!

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