Advanced Trick Training Course

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  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course
  • Advanced Trick Training Course


Advanced Trick Training Course

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We use trick training for many reasons, least of which is to teach a trick! Trick training accomplishes many many things, such as: trust, not to bite, coordination, problem-solving, mental stimulation, confidence, socialization, obedience, going back to the cage, coming out of the cage, etc.

You can substitute the word "behavior" for the word training. Trick training is how we train proper behavior.

And using the CLICKER gives you a way to communicate with your bird like nothing else can! (It also yields much FASTER results too!)

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"Twenty-Four Trick Training Routines Your Parrot Can Master In Less Than A Week...

... Taught With Simple Step-By-Step Instructions That Work On Every Species Of Parrot"

Even better, if you ALREADY trained your parrot a few tricks...

I'll demonstrate my powerful techniques for training your parrot to learn 100%... 150%... even as much as 300% faster -- by following our simple but proven system that we've taught to over 12,073 clients who swear we've transformed their bird.

On this page, I'm also going to show you...

Twenty-one, simple to master, trick training routines you've never heard of before!

Specific trick training routines designed to cure your parrot's nasty biting habits!

Why trick training is the quickest way to grow deep, lasting, emotional bonds with your parrot -- even if he never lets you near him!

Why forcing your parrot to mess up a trick actually doubles his learning curve!

How food rewards can cripple your parrot's ability to learn prop based tricks -- and the special way to use treats you've never heard before!

Secrets for using trick training as a way to overcome your parrot's fear of objects like vacuums, dog's, people and other loud scary things!

Where to train your parrot so he'll love performing tricks in front of complete strangers... instead of being shy!

... plus tons more!

This is the SAME system I've taught to literally 1,000s of regular people -- with no special education or experience -- who have used it to "trick train" their parrots in record time, building a stronger BOND with their parrot than they ever dreamed possible...

And it's the SAME system our more "advanced students" (who just put in a bit more elbow grease) have used to become PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS in less than a few years...

But The REAL Unexpected
Benefit Of This Was...

Something that I never expected happened when I started putting together this advanced trick training course for you.

At first, I just thought it would be FUN, to show you how a real live bird could learn 20+ tricks over a 90-day time span. And I knew you'd be interested in seeing the challenges that each parrot gave me as they were learning the tricks, and how I'd overcome them.

But what really caught me by surprise as I was training the birds on camera how to do each of these tricks had nothing to do with the specific steps for how to teach each of the tricks... but more importantly, what happened to my bird AFTER I trained him each of the 20+ tricks.

You see, because I was filming this product for your benefit, and not just because I wanted my parrot to know how to perform tricks, I trained as many tricks as I could, as QUICKLY as I could.

I didn't spend time thinking about whether or not I thought a trick would be cute, or if people would think it was funny.

Don't get me wrong, lots of the tricks are cute and funny... some are even hilarious.

But the point here is that I trained these tricks with the MAIN goal being to get them done as quickly as possible because so many of my clients were begging me to release another trick training course.

And this forced me to take the emotion out of it.

I didn't stop to think if my parrot wanted to learn something, or if it'd be hard, or even if he still had a biting issue that might make training go longer than normal. I just started training stuff, even if my bird wasn't thrilled about the process when we started.

And if I hadn't have had this motive, and I'd just taught a few of the tricks that I thought were fun, something terrible would have happened...

Something Changes After You've
Taught Your Bird His 10th Trick

You see, something happened to my bird around the time I taught him his 10th trick. The first trick took a week or so to teach, the second took 3-4 days, and then every trick after that got easier and easier.

And by the 10th trick, not only was my learning the trick in less than a day, but he was starting to experiment. The training had become a fun puzzle that he started getting excited about how to solve.

It wasn't just about earning food rewards anymore.

I started seeing a spark come back into his eyes, and lots of excitement and anticipation for the next thing I was going to teach him.

And this excitement made him not only ENJOY the training more, but start to offer new solutions to the training, and experiment with new ways of doing behaviors and interacting with props... which opened up even more training routines.

And it all started to change for him around his 10th trick. But what's really scary for me to think about, is how close I got to never pushing my parrot's training fast enough to have ever gotten to this level.

He became so much more trusting, so much more eager to obey my commands and so much easier to handle that I can't even imagine what would have happened if I'd stopped at the 9th trick and not continued his training.

So if I could convey one thing to you as a professional parrot trainer, it would be to use the program I'm offering you on this page to take your parrot to a higher level of enjoyment of life through the fast trick training process that my Platinum Trick Training program shows you how to do.

Take A Peek At Some Of The
Awesome Tricks You'll Learn

Here's a short list of just some of the tricks your parrot will be able to perform after going through this parrot trick training system:

1. Drop the quarters in the piggy bank!
You'll learn how to get your parrot to pick up coins, and actually learn how to put the coin in the slot in the top of a piggy bank! Your parrot will learn how to feel for the coin slot, and drop them in EVERY time.

2. Roll over like a dog!
Your friends will keel over in amazement as they watch you tell your parrot go from standing, to rolling over on his back, to back up onto his feet again -- just like you've seen dogs do a hundred times!

3. Climb a ladder and go down a slide!
Watch as you place a toy slide (or any other slippery surface) in front of your parrot, see him climb to the top of it, and get a thrill out of 'surfing' down it on his feet -- without falling over!

4. Ride a bicycle... AND ride a scooter!
These two routines show you how to use 'birdie sized' scooters & bicycles, get your bird to hop on them, and peddle, or scoot all over your house!

5. Loop colored rings over matching colored pegs!
Step-by-step techniques for training your parrot to loop colored rings over their matching colored pegs -- and never get the wrong colored ring on a mismatched peg!

6. Be patriotic on the 4th of July (takes just 2 days to learn!)
How to raise a flag, and wave it with his foot!

7. Roller skate!
Stare in amazement as your parrot climbs onto his birdie roller-skates, and gets a kick out of skating around your house -- extremely entertaining!

8. The basketball super-star routine
I'll show you where to get a miniature basketball hoop just for your parrot, no matter what size, and techniques for training him to dunk a mini basketball in his hoop every chance he gets!

9. Fly to me on cue!
It's not just dogs that can be trained to come when they're called, now your parrot will find you wherever you are in your house, by simply calling his name!

10. Time for bed! Sleep like a baby...
Get your parrot to fake like he's sleeping, by fluffing up, and burying his beak in his back feathers -- like he does when he's sleepy -- and do it on cue!

11. Give me a cuddle and a kiss!
At your cue, have your parrot walk over to your chest, and roll his head into your chest, gazing up into your eyes. The cutest trick you'll ever teach -- actually gets your bird to LIKE snuggling!

12. "It's a hold up! Stick `em up"!
Train your parrot to throw up his wings in a "surrender" every time you tell him to 'stick 'em up'!

... and that's just a few of the 24 tricks detailed in this brand new trick training system!

Since every bird is different, you'll see me try techniques on birds that DON'T end up cooperating, and watch first hand as I teach you how to overcome every obstacle that a bird could throw at me -- so you'll now how to react when your bird does the same thing to you!

This footage equips you with all the little tips and tricks you could ever possibly need to get your parrot to start performing amazing tricks in record time.

"The Most Complete Parrot Trick Training System You'll Find -- Anywhere"

There are a few sites on the internet that claim they can teach your parrot how to perform tricks. Some have a couple of cool pictures, and some have even trained their parrots to do a few of the tricks, but nobody can match the massive system we've put together which includes our 138+ page manual (edited and revised 2017 edition), and over 121 minutes of extra bonus DVD footage, with step-by-step instructions on what to do when your bird won't cooperate -- which will happen!

This course includes:

The Elite Trick Training Manual -- Covering over 138 pages of never before heard of trick training routines!

Taming, Training & Tricks Video Vol. 2 -- Reveals the simple to teach tricks that cure your parrot's bad behavior, and teach him how exciting trick training can be.

Trick Training Mastery Video #3 -- This video lets you watch as I use a brand new training technique that triples how fast a person can train their birds' new tricks.

Trick training teaches parrots that there is a language they can learn that allows them to actually tell you what they're feeling.

Trick training is mentally stimulating and massively decreases behavior problems in companion parrots...

Not teaching your parrot to perform tricks, is like not teaching your 2-year-old child to talk. He'll just whine, fuss, and cry (ie. bite, scream and attack) whenever he wants something.

So don't be cruel! You invested a lot of money to own your parrot, invest a few more dollars to enrich your relationship with him. Your parrot is begging you to teach him things and be a more integrated part of your family -- don't take that away from him.

Note: If you don't have our Basic Course then we recommend starting there first. You need to make sure you have your foundation developed before moving on. 

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