Stop Screaming, Start Talking!

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  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!
  • Stop Screaming, Start Talking!


Stop Screaming, Start Talking!

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Screaming Parrot Driving You Crazy?!

Discover How New Training Techniques Can Finally Train Your Parrot To Entertain Himself Quietly...

... Even If Trying To Ignore The Screaming, Cramming Its Cage Full Of Fun Toys, & Giving Him More Attention Has Failed Miserably.

If your screaming bird is driving you crazy, and NOTHING you try seems to be working, then read below to learn how our Stop Screaming program can stop your bird's screaming once and for all.

What this system will teach you:

Why your bird HATES it when you talk on the phone... or anyone besides him... and how I fixed this problem with my own Macaw in 5 1/2 days.
Cures for the "Spoiled" bird, who CRAVES constant attention... and how to Un-Spoil him... even if a previous owner created his spoiled behavior.

Specific body language "clues" to help you diagnose the MAIN cause of your bird's screaming... (Hint: Just because your bird stops screaming when you give him attention does NOT mean that's why he's screaming.)

FINALLY... the cure for birds who scream the second they hear that garage door open when you come home from work... works even if your bird's home alone ALL day.

The "72-hour theory"... what it reveals... and why you can't stop screaming without it.

How to stop "Walking on Eggshells" because you're afraid your parrot will hear you get up in the morning, and start screaming for attention.

The "Morning & Evening" Screaming Curse -- and how one lady broke this common bad habit for two of her Umbrella Cockatoos (Super good to know if you live in an apartment)

... and the other technique that doesn't stop Morning screaming, but does delay it for another 3-4 hours... so at least it doesn't wake you up.

The two "Clues" you MUST look for that cure 80% of HORRIBLE screamers in less than a week... especially birds who scream whenever you leave their sight.

And Much Much More! We have PACKED these DVDs with so much insight and tips the list just goes on and on!

You get everything you need to stop your parrot from screaming and other unwanted behaviors.

Here's what is included in this course:

  • Stop Screaming Secrets Revealed manual in print or digitally, you choose.
  • 2 DVDs Filled With Tips, Tricks and Instruction. This is a PowerPoint Presentation. This is completely educational. Be ready to take notes!
  • 1 Audio CD Packed With Professional Trainer Information On Bird Behavior and Screaming.

 Using this 'Real Speech' system for only 15 minutes a day, teaches your parrot how to speak more words, phrases and songs than you can ever imagine. Even species that can't talk will whistle your favorite tunes.

Also works to teach big or smaller species, older birds or birds with difficult personalities, and even teaches tough, stubborn, 'Non-Talkers' to speak clearly, sing beautifully and whistle a happy tune.

Here's Just a Little Taste of What You'll Get:

The right time of day to take advantage of his natural instincts to talk, making your job effortless...
How to use audio CDs that develop your companion into a "public speaker" (yes, there is a proper way)...

Discover the exact length of time you should let your parrot listen to recordings (too much can be counterproductive)..

Tell within seconds which words your parrot will always resist saying; crucial for saving your time by picking the words he wants to say! (Not too many bird trainers know this)...

Know if mom's voice or dad's voice will get your parrot to talk, or if it really makes a difference (chances are, it can)...

Why it's your style of talking that makes all the difference in your bird's training. You even get audio examples you can actually hear, so there's no guesswork involved...

Why using one simple, readily available training aid speeds up learning by over 200% (yes, more than double)...

This one, very particular training method alone is so effective, many birds learn words in just days, not weeks...

How to set up a parrot speech training "classroom". Don't worry, you don't have to rearrange your home, and you don't need anything out of the ordinary... It's really easy to do...

And Much Much More! The "Talking On Cue" Training Kit is PACKED with so many insights and tips!

You get everything you need to teach your bird how to Talk On Cue, in as little as 48 hours!

You'll Get All This:

  • "Talking On Cue" Video - Filled With Live Demos and Step-by-Step Instruction.
  • Flock Talk Audio MP3 & Video set. Your bird will finally be able to learn the way Mother Nature Intended ? from other 'Real' birds!
  • "Talking on Cue" Printed Manual -This powerful manual contains training lesson plans, my invaluable notes from that 80-year-old parrot training pro, and tips answering every question you could even begin to imagine asking about how to teach your parrot to talk.
  • Bonus Book Chapter! Discover the little-known secret that motivates every bird to talk. This is key to fast and easy training. It'll save you hours of frustration and actually make it fun for both of you!
  • Step-By-Step: "Exactly How I Trained My Bird To Talk On Cue" Audio Training Course MP3 - I reveal every tip and trick that I learned when teaching my parrot how to talk on cue. If I had to only offer one product on this whole web page, it would be this one. It is a true 'must have' training guide for every parrot owner.

  • Instant E-book, "How Can I Get My Bird To Love Me" Revised and Updated 2017 version. One of the most important things in getting your parrot to talk to you, and like talking to you is to have your parrot really love you. That's why we included this bonus, downloadable book.

Remember what peace and quiet was like?! If your parrot is a screamer, or if it constantly screams for you the instant you step out of sight begging for your attention, then imagine teaching your parrot to fluff up his feathers or sing a pleasant song when he wants your attention, instead of screaming.

When you start applying the principles in this book, you will not only see a happier parrot, but he will become more and more likely to talk sooner, more often, and in a clearer voice. And if he's TALKING, he's not SCREAMING! 


Flock Talk has footage of wild parrots foraging and socializing with one another with no sound except the voices of real, talking parrots speaking intermittently. You can view a demo of it here.

Flock Talk is designed to get your bird's attention. The video features wild parrots eating and playing calmly while appearing in a natural, non-threatening environment. Hearing the voices of real, live parrots speaking will also encourage your own bird to speak especially during a heightened state of emotion.

Use Flock Talk to not only encourage your pet parrot to talk, but to also replace unwanted behaviors like screaming. Talking acts as a "replacement" behavior to screaming, and with the help of Flock Talk you can train your bird to talk rather than squawk for attention.

Teaching your bird just a few basic words will bring to life its own hidden vocabulary and will encourage the learning of new words and sounds it hears in everyday life.

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