Stop Screaming: The Course on Quiet

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  • Stop Screaming: The Course on Quiet
  • Stop Screaming: The Course on Quiet
  • Stop Screaming: The Course on Quiet


Stop Screaming: The Course on Quiet

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Screaming is a part of bird ownership.

If you were hoping we would say otherwise, we apologize, but we can't lie to you. Just like dogs bark, cats meow, donkeys bray and horses neigh...birds scream. It is how they communicate, alert flock members, welcome the day, say goodbye to the day, and make themselves known to the world. It is also how they can manipulate people into giving them what they want.

While we don't ever want anyone to have the expectation that their birds will be silent 100% of the time (in fact, we don't want them to be!), what this course is all about is being able to identify WHY your bird is screaming, the TYPES of screams, and how to encourage the beneficial vocalizations while minimizing the unwanted ones


(This course refers back to our Family Friendly 1 and Family Friendly 2 videos frequently. We recommend watching those before this course as those are the fundamentals when it comes to understanding parrot behavior!)

In this course you'll learn about...
    • Realistic Expectations: You have a BIRD, and birds make bird noises. What are they and what should your realistic expectations be with this information? Hint: ALL species have different vocal habits! 
    • Success stories! Hear from REAL PEOPLE on real screaming issues from the easy to the extreme and how long it took for them to overcome using the tactics in this course.
    • How fast can you expect screaming habits to STOP? Normal vocalizations turn into accidentally reinforced HABITS and we all know habits are harder to break... so how do you go about it?
    • Identifying WHY your parrot screams, and why knowing that is important. Hint: It will get you to a solution faster!
    • We'll cover the 4 Major Categories of Screaming and how to identify the TYPE of screaming your bird(s) is doing. Hint: Different types of screaming are handled with different tactics!
    • As always, we will use and refer to our ABC's so you can easily identify patterns... only this time you will finding both the good and the bad patterns.
    • How to use our 6 unique PDFs that are included with this course!

      We'll discuss MANY solutions for each type of screaming and why punishment doesn't work long term. This course is only about offering parrot lovers LONG TERM SOLUTIONS that will work for a lifetime, not quick "shut my bird up for a few seconds" techniques that create longer term problems.

      Do you recognize any of these types of different kinds of screaming in your bird?
      1. Sunrise and Sunset Screaming
      2. Startled
      3. Aggression/Fear
      4. Sentinel “Alarm” Call 
      5. Contact Calling
      6. Celebratory Screaming
      7. Over heightened
      8. Separation anxiety

      This is just a little taste of what you will learn in this course! And of course, you will hear the difference in vocalizations for better understanding featuring the BirdTricks Flock!

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