Fundraiser Guidelines and Prizes

Thank you for your interest in our fundraiser for a charity that is near and dear to us - Ronie's for the Love of Birds. They have had such a positive influence in their community and dedicate themselves to providing excellent care for their birds while finding loving and long-term families. They have also been the charity that we trust with providing us our project birds since we know, after we work with them, that Ronie's will find them perfect homes.

For this fundraiser, we will be donating 100% of our profits of all clickers, 4-lb bags of pellets, Family Friendly Parrot Formula videos, and Beginner Level Courses sold between April 6th and April 20th. However, when you purchase any of these products, YOU are also entered into a giveaway where 2 lucky winners will receive a year's worth of pellets! Please keep reading for more details on how to enter and how to win.

How to Enter the Fundraiser

The purchase of any of the following items from April 6th to April 20th will enter you into our fundraiser...
Multiple purchases will be counted, and all entries will be counted under the name and email given at checkout. No other action is necessary.

Anyone can enter, both domestic and international, except that pellets (including the prizes) cannot be shipped internationally. More on this under the prize section.

What You Can Win

Once all entries are entered into our name pool, 2 lucky winners who participated in our fundraiser will be randomly selected to receive a year's worth of free pellets*!! These winners will be announced on April 22nd.

*A year's worth of free pellets consists of a total of 48 lbs of pellets throughout the year (4 lb per month * 12 months). These will be sent to you as two 25 lb bags of pellets - one shipment when you win and another six months after you win.

If you are international we cannot, unfortunately, ship you our pellets. You may choose to either donate the pellets to a charity within the US, or you may substitute your winnings with 1 free 30 minute online consultation. This substitution is only available for international winners, not domestic.

Want to Donate in Other Ways?

While entries for our fundraiser can only be given from the above mentioned products, we encourage everyone to donate whatever you can, whenever you can, to either Ronie's For the Love of Birds or any other local rescue you know. If wanting to donate to Ronie's specifically, here are some other ways you can do so...

1) Go to their website directly and donate to their PayPal
2) Check out the Hyperfinch x BirdTricks pin line! 100% of our profit of these pins ALWAYS goes directly to Ronie's.

And as always, if you are financially not able to give at this time, that's ok! Just liking and sharing their page, our fundraiser, and any other rescues' pages brings a lot of awareness to the needs of these rescues.

Together, we can save parrots one person at a time.

~ Dave, Jamie, Capri, and the whole BirdTricks Team

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Abbreviated Contest Rules 
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