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Gram Scale

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Due to COVID-19 this item is currently out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience and will make an announcement on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube community tabs once they have been restocked. Thank you!
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An accurate gram scale is one of the most important yet overlooked products in most parrot homes.

(While we can still order this for you, we recommend ordering it thru Amazon.)

However, it is our front line defense in detecting possible illnesses and health issues. 

Weighing Your Bird Could Save Its Life

 The many benefits of using a scale with your bird:

  • Monitors your bird's health- it could save your bird's life!
  • Gives you Peace-of-Mind during a diet transition KNOWING that your bird is eating enough.
  • Knowing your bird's weight will help you evaluate the level of motivation BEFORE you even begin a training session!
  • Use it as a training stand.

You simply cannot take proper care of your bird without a gram scale (yes, it needs to be in grams!). Birds are masters at hiding their illnesses, and by the time we realize they're sick, it's usually too late! Weight loss is often the first sign of illness. A 10% UNEXPLAINED drop in weight means a trip to the Vet- asap! 

Having problems getting your bird step onto a scale? Check out our video of our good friend and client, Claudia, who also struggled with the same problem!

Having problems handling your bird enough to even attempt stepping onto the scale? Check out our Beginner Level Course that will take you through what you need to get your bird on the path to success!

Our scales are high-accuracy gram scales made with natural wood.

We cannot ship this product outside of the USA, sorry for any inconvenience.

Note: We need a physical address. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii please contact us regarding additional shipping charges.  

**While we can still order these for you, we recommend going thru Amazon**

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