The Budgie Course

  • The Budgie Course
  • The Budgie Course
  • The Budgie Course
  • The Budgie Course


The Budgie Course

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Budgies: Little Bodies, BIG Personalities!

For years Dave and I have been talking about doing a budgie course, but we didn't know anyone in our area who had a budgie that we could work with for an extended period of time. So this year we decided to try and re-create the typical "budgie" experience that most people have - go to a local pet store, have our child help us pick out a budgie and take it home. We wanted to know EXACTLY what the average family was dealing with when they got their budgies. 

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...

In this course we introduce you to Blueberry the Budgie and show you exactly how we took her from Wild to Wonderful! Here's some of what you can expect to see in this course...

  • Day 1 with Blueberry
  • Proper diet and conversion
  • Household dangers to be aware of
  • Proper housing for budgies
  • Budgies and kids
  • Taming and training
  • Bond building games
  • And much more! 

We are also always working on growing the course and adding new and exciting content for you to view (free of charge - purchase once and get all the updates for free!). Here is some of the additional content we have added to the course since its release...

  • Advanced Trick Training - 4 new videos, each showing you the journey of us training Blueberry some new and exciting tricks! Not only do you get to learn how to teach the tricks from start to finish, but there are training techniques used during these sessions that help strengthen the relationship you have with your small bird. Tricks aren't just for show - they are for mental and physical well-being!
  • Training A Flighted Budgie - After the budgie course was released, one of the chief questions we got asked was "how do you apply all of these things with a budgie who is flighted?". Well, let us introduce you to Sugar! Sugar is a project bird we worked with who was a flighted budgie, and throughout the 5 chapters of Sugar's journey, we take you through how we learned to work WITH Sugar and not against her. 
  • The Lovebird Additions Embark on a transformative journey with our digital course featuring the captivating story of Monet, a once timid and abandoned lovebird who blossomed into a sweet and eager companion. Witness firsthand the application of proven training techniques, honed through experiences with Blueberry & Sugar (the budgies), tailored to overcome Monet's unique challenges. From overcoming biting tendencies to mastering fun tricks, these videos provide invaluable insights and practical lessons that will empower you to build a harmonious bond with your feathered friend at home.

We also use a lot of our products throughout the course. Here are some helpful links to products we used and recommend...

Tiny Toy Box  here

Organic Pellets here

Natural Feeding System cookbooks (digital) here
Natural Feeding System cookbooks (physical) here

Clickers here


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