Hello! Thank you for being a valued customer with us here at BirdTricks. If you are on this page you are most likely an international customer looking to purchase one of our physical products that we are able to ship to you.

During these unprecedented times, we, at BirdTricks, are doing everything possible to try and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, but unfortunately we have hit a slight wall when it comes to shipping internationally.

While we are extremely upset and have opened up cases against the different shipping companies, many international shipments seem to be getting stuck or lost in transit due to the different levels of quarantining and increased volume of shipments. We know how frustrating this is for our customers (trust me - it frustrates us too!) so we are wanting to be completely transparent about our international shipping issues while also letting you know the new regulations we have had to put in place to allow us to continue offering international shipping. By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions when it comes to shipping internationally. 

Countries We Cannot Ship To

Currently we cannot ship products to (either due to restrictions or due to our international shipping company having restrictions)...

- Australia
- New Zealand
- South Africa
- Belarus
- Russia
- Ukraine (Crimea and Sevastopol only - remaining country can be dispatched)
- Cuba
- Syria
- Yemen
- Sudan
- Laos
- East Timor
- Brunei
- Haiti
- Niger
- Solomon Islands
- Iran
- Somalia

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. If you place an order with us from one of these countries, the physical part of your order, as well as any shipping charges, will be refunded to you. All digital items will not be refunded per our digital product refund policy

Items We Cannot Ship Internationally

Currently we cannot ship the following products internationally...

- Any of our Organic Pellets for Parrots (all sizes)
- Any of our Organic Birdie Bread blends (all variants)
- Our Parrot Natural Nutrition Course (if this product is ordered, since it is partially digital, you will be refunded for the physical part of the course but charged for the digital part if digital products have been accessed)
-Our Blueberry's Seed & Grain Mix 

If you are looking for a healthy pellet option, we recommend TOPS - they do ship internationally and you can contact them to see if they have any distributors in your country. 

If you place an order for any of these products, your order will be refunded in full minus any digital products you purchased per our digital product refund policy

International Shipping Policy

This policy supersedes any other refund/return policy we have in place and is only for international shipments (this includes shipments to Canada). By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to the following shipping policy...

Any and all international shipments, once they leave the BirdTricks facility, are the responsibility of the consumer and the consumer assumes all risks. If a package is lost/stolen/damaged/destroyed/denied at customs/does not get delivered for any reason, the package will not be refunded or replaced. 

If a package is returned to us in tact with the products still in new condition for any reason, we will refund the customer at the time of receiving the package for all the product costs minus the shipping costs. 

Additional taxes, customs and duties may be owed upon importing depending on your country's policies. These fees are NOT included in the price of the product or shipping and are the responsibility of the customer. If the customer decides they don't want to pay the fees and returns the item to us, the item will be refunded minus the original cost of shipping. 

To help make your decision on whether or not to place a physical order with us, approximately 75% of packages we have sent internationally over the past 2 years have arrived with no issues, although some have taken up to 3 months to arrive. 

Additional International Shipping Costs

While we always strive to provide the lowest shipping costs possible, international shipping has skyrocketed in price over the last few years. We do not have any control over international shipping costs (unfortunately) and will always do our best to find the most reliable option to ship your products. However, if the cost of shipping your product to you is above what is currently set on our website, we will email you before shipping your product to let you know of the additional cost and send you an additional invoice. At this time if you decide you would not like to move forward with the shipment we will refund you in full (minus any digital product purchases). 

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, and hope that this transparency will aid you in making your decision. If international shipping becomes more reliable in the future, we will amend our shipping regulations to match the changing times.