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We have collaborated with Hyperfinch to bring you a line of top quality BirdTricks pins representing some of your favorite past and present flock members.
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"I'm Only Talking To My Bird Today"
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BirdTricks by Bonfire
BirdTricks by Bonfire

Morgan the Camelot Macaw

Morgan the Macaw became a sensation - one of our project birds, she came to us with a deformed foot and a history of neglect and hurt. With her new owner, Patty, we began working with Morgan and found that no matter what, she never gave up. Her deformity didn't define her, it only made her stronger.
Morgan's Merch

Comet the Camelot Macaw

Comet, one of our Camelot Macaws, is known for 2 things: his beautiful plumage, and his tendency to check if his feet are still attached! However, sometimes when life gets out of control, it's good to look down at your feet and remember to BE in the present.
Comet's Merch

Touche the Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Touche was one of our project birds who, when we first saw him, we weren't sure if he would ever be able to fly. His wings were butchered and his trust in people was limited. However, against all odds, he flew all around our house, earning him the nickname "Torpedo"! His wings may have been clipped, but his heart wasn't.
Touche's Merch

Bandit the Galah (RIP)

In July of 2019, Bandit, our Galah, passed away suddenly from an unknown toxin. He was our baby boy and one of the best birds anyone could have asked for. His bubbly and cheery personality was infectious, and he inspired so many people from all over the world to learn and do better by their birds. We miss and love you Bandit. RIP.
Bandit's Merch

ChiChi the Black Headed Caique

ChiChi taught us all "don't forget to play" with his incredibly playful and adventurous nature. Sometimes life gets away from us and we forget to just simply enjoy ourselves. We need to spend more time engaging with life rather than just living it.
ChiChi's Merch

Cressi the Congo African Grey

Cressi, aptly nicked named "Messy Cressi", has never come across a food she didn't like! She enjoys everything she eats, and reminds us to enjoy the food we have, and the people we have it with.
Cressi's Merch

Storm the Blue Fronted Amazon

Storm "the interrupting parrot" was an older, obese Amazon parrot who had a dream to fly. Through lots of hard work and determination, he showed the world that it's never too late to do what you've always dreamed of doing.
Storm's Merch

Rocko the Toco Toucan

Rocko, our toucan, definitely stands out in our sea of parrots! However, he brings his colorful personality wherever he goes, and reminds us to be ourselves and be unique!
Rocko's Merch

Lefty the Quaker Parrot

Lefty, an older Quaker parrot who was deemed "un-adoptable", touched the lives of so many while in our care as a project bird. He proved that many times what we see (aggression, anger) is not what is happening (fear, uncertainty). He formed an incredible bond with Capri who needed Lefty just as much as he needed her.
Lefty's Merch

Lily, Phoebe, and Detka the Sun Conures

Lily, Phoebe, and Detka are our three little sun conures that bring us so much joy. Capri has recently begun bonding with them through free flight, calling them her "little girls". This quote, "little by little", not only alludes to their small size, but how small steps lead to great things.
The Conure's Merch

Rasta the Alexandrine Parakeet

Rasta was an Alexandrine Parakeet who was afraid of everything when Jamie first met him, especially hands. He taught us that, even when the world seems like a scary place, to face your fears and continue moving forward.
Rasta's Merch

Bandit and Bondi - The Galahs

Bandit (RIP) and Bondi are two of the biggest characters in Jamie and Dave's flock. Together they are known for their amazing magic acts, their fun antics and, of course, their adorable talking. They show that when you are yourself, and you embrace the crazy in you, people will love you for who you are.
Bandit and Bondi's Merch

Jinx the Blue Throated Macaw

Jinx, our Blue Throated Macaw, is probably one of our most recognizable members of the flock. Known for being Jamie's right hand guy, he is always up for spending time with the family and learning new things. He's taught us that the only thing standing in the way of achieving what you want to achieve is YOU.
Jinx's Merch

Luke and Sammy the Blue and Gold

Luke, one of our amazing free flight students from Australia, didn't want his physical limitations to limit those of his bird. With the help of Dave and Jamie, Luke and his Blue and Gold, Sammy, learned how to fly together and show the world that nothing you set your mind to is impossible.
Luke and Sammy's Merch

Tusa the Camelot Macaw

Tusa is the brother to our other Camelot Macaw, Comet. His laid back, loving, and dependable personality makes him an integral member of our flock. He loves to perform in our shows, and it is his calmer demeanor that teaches us that no matter what it is that you have, the world needs what you got.
Tusa's Merch

Blueberry the Budgie

Blueberry is our smallest flock member but with a huge personality! From the moment we got him he stole our hearts and has found a way to be a part of everything we do. He and Capri share a special bond, one built off love and respect.
Blueberry's Merch

Bean the Congo African Grey

Bean is a Congo African Grey who came to Jamie under some very special circumstances. He was going to be placed in the care of Ronie's For the Love of Birds Rescue but made a detour to Jamie to get prepared for his new home. While there, Jamie and Dave helped him overcome his fears that would have limited his chances of being adopted. He now has a wonderful new home with a family who loves him dearly.

There are 2 designs to his merch set thanks to Patreon! Check each out in his store.
Bean's Merch