In the Beginning...

Two brothers had the great intuition one day to train their parents' mean blue and gold macaw. They read some training material they found on the internet and got started teaching Tiko, who was 20 years of age at the time, a magic card trick. These 2 teenage boys decided to video tape the entire process so they could look back on it for better learning. When they were successful and this parrot became nicer, they knew they were onto something.

Tiko is still part of the family today, and those two brothers now lead very different lives. Dave travels the world with Jamieleigh (his wife and magic assistant), their daughter and their flock of parrots, of course. They've been to more than 20 countries performing with their birds. The other leads a more quiet life working from home.

Our Evolution

BirdTricks started as two brothers worked with their untrained and untamed parrots. They filmed both their training successes and their mistakes so viewers might learn from the entire process.

Having started as beginners, we not only show you what to do, but we also show you what not to do. We have all been there, so there is no shaming in our community. There's also no such thing as a stupid question. We believe more people would learn from their mistakes if they were not so busy denying them. Remember, mistakes are proof that you are trying, and no one is going to get it right 100% of the time.

Animal training in general has come a long way and continues to make major breakthroughs. We can all apply that knowledge for better quality of life for those we keep in our care, feathered or otherwise.

As our flock has grown exponentially over the years so has our knowledge of parrot companionship. Dave, now a world-class Illusionist, has been performing magic shows for hire since the age of 13. His birds are an amazing part of his performances. With years of experience we have become experts in areas such as: training, behavior shaping, travel, upkeep, diet and nutrition and diseases and much, much more.

The products we've developed drastically reduce the time it takes to get that special relationship with your bird(s) that you've always dreamed of having. We know you can have the same amazing relationship with your bird as we do with ours using the same methods we've used which are revealed in all our training materials.

It brings us great joy to be able to share that with you!

BirdTricks hired Patty Jourgensen who labored together with Jamieleigh on such products as the Seasonal Feeding System, the Parrot Magic Newsletters, and our very extensive Parrot blog. Patty brings knowledge in parrot diet, nutrition and health and was able to bring an invaluable perspective when collaborating on BirdTricks products.

Our Mission

We want the best for your bird; therefore, we put our time and attention into transforming our knowledge into fun, readily available and easy to use products.

We are here for your birds to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

We strive to offer only the best advice and training techniques to help you achieve the ideal relationship with your feathered friend. All this expertise has come as a result of personal experience, real stories, real lessons and real people. We are a small team, yet we deeply desire to provide that one-on-one assistance we can give to each and every customer who needs it.

We LOVE feedback! Please don't hesitate to comment on how you think we're doing.

If you want to follow Dave and Jamieleigh on their magic careers and to see them perform with their birds, you can keep up with them on Dave's site: or directly on our social media outlets where their events are posted and shared with our community. You can also find their latest media coverage, tour schedule and show information on their website.

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