2-Hour Family Friendly Parrot Workshop ($500 + expenses)

Dave and Jamieleigh Womach present a 2-hour long parrot training lecture called The Family Friendly Parrot Formula presentation. This lecture costs $500 and allows for the club or organization to charge per person to attend (ie: if the club sells 30 seats to this lecture for $30, they've just made the $500 it costs to perform the lecture + profited $400.)

No birds are allowed to be brought to the lecture via attendees. Birds will either be used from the club/organization/store or we will bring our own birds to use in demos. In some locations, birds are not allowed at all and for these places we have video demonstrations of untrained and trained birds for explanations.

Our needs for this presentation: A projection screen or large TV to play our power point presentation in a quiet environment ideal for learning. There is no limit to the amount of people that can attend this lecture.

Master Classes ($250/person, 4 bird max)

Master classes cost $250/per person with a max of 4-8 people per class (each attendee is encouraged to bring a spouse, child, roommate or someone who also spends time around the bird). Only 4 birds per masterclass, so each paying attendee it limited to bringing one bird.

It's because of offering our masterclasses that we are able to bring our bird lecture to clubs and organizations for a price of $500. Our masterclasses have sold out in as little as 24 minutes from release!

Each MasterClass ticket includes a ticket to our Family Friendly Parrot Workshop for both people, as well as an optional digital download of the Family Friendly Parrot Courses 1 + 2.