The BIG Flocking Toy Box

  • The BIG Flocking Toy Box


The BIG Flocking Toy Box

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Coming in at a total of 20 toys, this all BirdTricks Exclusive toy box is the PERFECT way to make ALL of your flock members happy at once (and at a great deal!) 

As our company continues to grow, we are always striving to make sure our products are the safest, highest quality products on the market. It's because of this that a couple years ago we began designing our own line of toys that are now hand made by our amazing team members.

As demand for these toys has ramped up, we have added more and more to our current toy boxes online, but never before have we offered a fully BirdTricks Exclusive Toy Only box - until now!

This 20 Toy Box comes with 5 tiny, 5 small, 5 medium and 5 large toys.

While the toys in each box are unique (for example, in the 20 toy box set you won't get any duplicates), purchasing multiple boxes will result in almost the same toys in each box (depending on stock we may switch out a few from month to month).

Also, this box comes in at a HUGE ~25% discount compared to if you were to purchase the toys individually on our BirdTricks Exclusive Toy Website.

So if you have a large flock and want to save on a big flocking box of toys, this is the toy box for you!

Please Note 
Ordering multiple boxes will result in you receiving duplicate boxes. If you would rather pick out your toys individually rather than it being in a huge mystery box, please check out our BirdTricks Exclusive Toys website where you can pick and choose whatever toys you'd like for your flock!

For utmost safety, all toys, whether ours or another company's, should be used during monitored playtime. While we make sure our products are made of the safest materials available, there are always accidents that could occur that are not able to be foreseen. There is no such thing as a 100% safe bird toy, but we feel that with the extreme measures we take to ensure safe materials are used, the benefits of having toys outweighs the risks if monitored and handled properly. Also, toys are not meant to be consumed, and if you find that your parrot is consuming the pieces of any toy, please discontinue use of that toy immediately.