Our goals here are BirdTricks are:

  • To have a positive impact on parrots' lives everywhere by upping the knowledge and understanding of the humans caring for them. 
  • To make the overall standard higher when it comes to quality control of products made specifically for parrots. 
  • To change the statistic of parrots being the #1 most rehomed pet. We want people to understand what they're getting into BEFORE committing to a bird as a pet and we want to help people better understand parrots as a species to be able to live with them harmoniously. 

We plan to achieve these goals through education awareness and spreading the knowledge we have about keeping parrots as pets where they thrive and not just survive. 

Not everyone is cut out to have a parrot in their home, and that's perfectly okay. For those that are, we want to make it the best it can be by developing products made with the highest quality control possible and teaching YOU what not to settle for. Help us in our goals and mission by only supplying the best for your bird.