ParrotFX is our 25 minute indoor bird show available to theme parks.

This show includes a ton of audience interaction with both kids and adults. This show is all about the stars truly being the birds! They appear, disappear and perform all the tricks themselves - from flighted behaviors to talking, flipping upside down and flying through the audience.

Those audience members wanting to participate will be asked to come on stage and interact with the birds, or hold a hula hoop up for a bird to fly through. We incorporate magic and fuse it with the natural abilities of our trained birds. This show stars birds from doves to African Greys, cockatoos, macaws and even our toco toucan.

This show can be performed up to 3x per day.

It can also be catered to the venue. We require space for outdoor aviaries for long-term engagements to house our birds safely and comfortably on-site.


For pricing and availability please contact For photos of this show, click here.