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We bought this course just before we received our 4-month old Quaker parrot. I am SO glad we bought it. It is so full of such amazing information! We have had the course for 3 months and i have gone through it at least 6 times, completely. Each time i pick up something new (its 5.5hrs of good information). We recently took our Quaker to the vet and they were so thrilled that we had the course and were able to share the things that we have been doing from the course. The Vet tech, as we were checking out, said just talking to us about all we were doing made her day. That is all due to this course. We are nowhere near perfect, but we are trying! We want nothing but the best for the new addition to our family. We will continue to learn from this and the other courses that birdtricks offers. Thank you for your awesome products!

- Spencer T. about The Baby Bird Course
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Great information in an easy to implement way. I've been working with my Grey who really doesn't have any issues except being scared of new toys and doesn't like his bath. Took me two days to get him used to each. Wonderful product and I would recommend to any one that is having issues with their feathered friend.

- Deborah C. about The Complete Course

Being able to work one on one with Jamie was such a wonderful experience. She gave great advice and was able to suggest some different techniques that I could try. I love that they offer these consults as a way to really share their knowledge specifically towards your own goals and parrot’s personality type. I’ve followed BirdTricks for years and love their training styles, but had never had, or been around, a parrot until recently. Just being able to talk with Jamie to make sure I was doing things correctly and not accidentally regressing, was so beneficial towards the relationship I’m trying to build with my birds. I can’t thank BirdTricks enough! If you’re on the fence about purchasing a consult, do it! Your feathered friends will thank you!

- Samantha M. about Online Consultation with Jamie
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I have had my budgie for five days now. I just got my clicker today and it took Becky 5 minutes to understand target training! This will be a game changer because it helps her act less scared. I have watched a lot of your videos on youtube as well and I can not thank you enough for your great advice, you are an awesome teacher! This budgie bundle is super complete and helps me a lot, everyone with a budgie should get it!

- Isabelle about The Complete Budgie Bundle
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This course is jam-packed with information and definitely worth a watch. I have a male yellow naped amazon, which are notorious for being hormonal, and this course really helped me out. This course gave me the tools I needed to get through the tough hormone season, and I could not recommend it more.

- Alison T. about The Horror-Moans Course
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I can't say enough how helpful I've found the course! It has so much good information packed into it. Jamieleigh and Dave take evidence-based training theory and break it down for you into language that is easy to understand and remember, while also giving concrete examples and demonstrations on how to apply them to parrot training specifically. Their experience and expertise really shine in these courses. I love that the complete collection also includes the seasonal feeding system cookbook (which my ekkie loves by the way) and so many other helpful resources. My husband and I reference the videos and other materials whenever we're stuck. I think if you're looking for a way to prepare yourself for bird caretaking, or you have a bird and you're feeling stuck, the Complete Course is a great way to go.

- Joia about The Beginner Level Course
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Packed with super helpful tips and information. Its the first course I have purchased but I plan to purchase more in the very near future. I stumbled on BirdTricks and they quickly became my go to place for bird care and information.

- Katherine G. about The Stop Screaming Course
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"Having a bird is not just about getting a pet. It's a commitment and a life changing experience. Having a reliable resource is so important! Birdtricks has honestly been the most important source of information and education for my African grey and me. These guys are bird gurus! I've learned that every interaction is indeed a training experience. Touch training and tricks have helped immensely in order to keep my parrot and me happy. Health tips from them have definitely come in handy, including helping my parrot have a good diet, and I think my relationship with my parrot is better thanks to birdtricks. I am confident in their training and always look forward to their videos and posts. Quite inspirational."

- Carley S. about One Day Miracles
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I have had a very positive experience. I have since reviewed level one again and reviewed again the advanced. It’s amazing how much more I understood and “got it” the second time around. I truly believe my little bird, Olivia, is being given the best care possible with the help I have received with the Family Friendly courses.

- Victoria about The Advanced Course

The unthinkable happened to us one day. Our baby Blue Throated Macaw accidentally flew out of our home on an extremely windy afternoon. She was not a skilled flyer and could not navigate a descent. We watched helplessly as she struggled to fly back to us but rose higher and higher until she flew out of sight. It was the worst most agonizing week of my life as we organized a manhunt and searched from dawn until dusk. We were one of the lucky ones and “Tika” was recovered. Unwilling to take away her gift of flight, but desperately needing to ensure her safety, we turned to the Womachs for training and guidance. What a journey! They were extremely responsive to our concerns and questions and they were able to expertly oversee every detail of the “train the trainer” process. In a few short months we met in person in Utah. I cannot express the joy and freedom my husband and I experienced with our Tika who progressed to the point where she was effortlessly playing in the wind and flying across canyons. The experience was more than we anticipated and we even managed to gain lifelong friends in the process. Thank you Dave and Jamie, you are total rockstars at what you do!

- Connie V. about the Freestyle Flyer's Club

Ordered the tiny toy box as a single time purchase to try with my adorable budgies. They loved all the toys so much!!! They had the best time tearing them apart and it’s so darn enjoyable to watch them! 🥰 We now have them on auto-delivery 😊 Thank you so much for everything you do Birdtricks!!

- Cheryl M. about our Tiny Toys

My budgies were never wanting to bathe themselves until I got this. I simply hold a stick of spray millet and douse them! I do it a couple times a week and they love it! Afterwards they spend a ton of time preening, which is fantastic because their faces are always messy after eating their healthy chop! I also bought this because of the health issues that me and my birds can develop if they don't clean themselves. Better for everyone all around!

- Kenzie E. about our Featherapy Aloe Bundle
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I am a HUGE fan of the BirdTricks pellets!!! I had no problem transitioning my bird when I first got him, he loves them! They are as fresh as can be and come in a foil bag that keeps them that way ! I also love how they are automatically delivered, and I can change the frequency to more or less with just an email or phone call! Would definitely recommend to all parronts!! I have purchased many things from BirdTricks, too many to mention but I would just like to say that my bird is happier, healthier and well bonded with me because of the knowledge they are so willing to share :) Thank you!

- Kathy M. about our Organic Pellets