"I just want to say thanks for your advice on how to get my conure to stop attacking my husband. It worked. Now, a few weeks later, the bird stepped up on my his hand, and allowed hubby to move him to another perch. We are still working on getting him to be more comfortable with my son around but we are at the point where he can be out on his perch and not be bothered too much by my son or husband being in the same room. I watch your videos and we are working on the touch training. I have to say that it's harder to get my husband and son to stop showing fear around the bird but we're making progress lol Thanks again!"

- Tamara Tasse about BirdTricks

"The unthinkable happened to us one day. Our baby Blue Throated Macaw accidentally flew out of our home on an extremely windy afternoon. She was not a skilled flyer and could not navigate a descent. We watched helplessly as she struggled to fly back to us but rose higher and higher until she flew out of sight. It was the worst most agonizing week of my life as we organized a manhunt and searched from dawn until dusk. We were one of the lucky ones and “Tika” was recovered. Unwilling to take away her gift of flight, but desperately needing to ensure her safety, we turned to the Womachs for training and guidance. What a journey! They were extremely responsive to our concerns and questions and they were able to expertly oversee every detail of the “train the trainer” process. In a few short months we met in person in Utah. I cannot express the joy and freedom my husband and I experienced with our Tika who progressed to the point where she was effortlessly playing in the wind and flying across canyons. The experience was more than we anticipated and we even managed to gain lifelong friends in the process. Thank you Dave and Jamie, you are total rockstars at what you do!

- Connie Vasquez about the Freestyle Flyer's Club

"I learned so much from One Day Miracles, it's a must for every parrot owner. The toys are truly the best I have bought at reasonable prices and are guaranteed to be SAFE. My two sun conures love them and most are long lasting with my birds. Thank you Bird Tricks."

- Mary Goodman about One Day Miracles

"Dave and Jamieleigh Womach taught me how to freestyle fly my Greenwing and Blue throat macaws. They did a great job even with miss stubburn Chex the Greenwing. They are wonderful people and take really good care of their birds as well as others. They are a book of knowledge. Have had great experiences with them flying the birds out in Moab, Utah!!"

- Sheri Smith about the Freestyle Flyer's Club

"I’ve owned birds since 1998, I have 17 birds of my own, I’ve raised and handfed literally hundreds of birds, and I even have a bird store of my own. I just want to tell you, I enjoyed this seminar SO much! And I learned SO much! I am absolutely amazed how they were able to do all these hours and hours of presentations and keep our attention. Absolutely worth your time and money. It was so well worth it."

- Marsha Habib about our Total Transformation Series

"I have ordered pellets for 8 years from BirdTricks.com and have always been very pleased with the product and the timeliness of it arriving. I will keep ordering these pellets on a monthly plan now and in the future for my Green Cheek Conure...he loves these pellets! My Amazon Parrot is absolutely in love with all the toys he gets monthly. He spends hours each day quietly shredding away. It's great to see him interacting with something since he isn't out playing with me!"

- Erica Loria about our All Natural Parrot Pellets & Toys

“I’ve been working with birds for more than 10 years now, socializing and re-homing abused and abandoned birds. And even I learned something at this event. The techniques you taught made me look at my birds’ behaviors in a whole new light and gave me a greater understanding of why they react certain ways. I know I’ll be using many of these techniques and tools when I return home. Thank you!”

- Marge Morrell about our Total Transformation Series

"Before I went to your seminar, Bella would run the other way if she saw me coming. Tonight she sat with me for 40 minutes! We’re a retired military couple with our first bird and we came to this event to become better parents for our girl. We’re so pumped about this weekend... Thanks to everything we learned, now I am not afraid to do things with her. Before, I never thought my bird was capable of learning! Now her life is going to be full of fun; she won't just be an ornament in a cage that gets let out to eat. We wouldn’t hesitate to attend this event again. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll get a lot out of this program!"

- Susan Rather about our Total Transformation Series

"Having a bird is not just about getting a pet. It's a commitment and a life changing experience. Having a reliable resource is so important! Birdtricks.com has honestly been the most important source of information and education for my african grey and me. These guys are bird gurus! I've learned that every interaction is indeed a training experience. Touch training and tricks have helped immensely in order to keep my parrot and me happy. Health tips from them have definitely come in handy, including helping my parrot have a good diet, and I think my relationship with my parrot is better thanks to birdtricks.com. I am confident in their training and always look forward to their videos and posts. Quite inspirational." 

- Carley Siedlecki about One Day Miracles

"It was definitely worth the money we paid to attend this event! We learned how to listen and learn from what our birds are telling us, and deal with problems in training and feeding. My favorite part was seeing the Womach Brothers interact with birds “live” on stage and give training demonstrations – it was a great experience. Truly a total package."

- Karen Blonn of FL about our Total Transformation Series

"When I heard these guys were putting on a seminar, I took a day off work so I could be home at my computer, ready to get one of the first tickets! I was really excited and it was well worth every penny and every minute spent here. It was great experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would tell anyone thinking of getting this program, don’t hesitate for a second, it’s definitely worth it. It was an awesome event, thank you!"

- John Vedder (Metter, GA) about our Total Transformation Series

"It was phenomenal. I learned so much my head hurt. I've had parrots for 15 years, and I think the demonstration with the lady and the clicker was mind boggling. It opened a lot of eyes. Also, the video about free flying was amazing. Worth every penny and every minute."

- Cissy Vanstone about our Total Transformation Series

"I am a HUGE fan of Feed your Flock pellets!!! I had no problem transitioning my bird when I first got him, he loves them! They are as fresh as can be and come in a foil bag that keeps them that way ! I also love how they are automatically delivered, and I can change the frequency to more or less with just an email or phone call ! Would definitely recommend to all parronts!! I have purchased many things from BirdTricks.com, too many to mention but I would just like to say that my bird is happier, healthier and well bonded with me because of the knowledge they are so willing to share :) Thank you Jamieleigh and Patty!"

- Kathy Mazur about Feed Your Flock all natural parrot pellets

"I love the One Day Miracles and refer back to them often if I am having a specific hurdle to get over. I originally got the video when I adopted my galah but now that I have 4 birds and 4 different personalities, it really helps to have that reference to look back on. I love how it really focuses on building a relationship and creating a way to communicate. Touch training isn't just about tricks, its about creating an open line of communication that your bird understands and through that comes trust. All of my birds are older re-homes that had never been target trained previously, it was truly amazing to see that "aha" moment light up in their eyes. My relationship with my birds has never been better!"

- Rebecca Grossman about One Day Miracles

“We now have 11 birds that are all performing... We’ve recently been asked to perform at the Honda Golf Classic. And all the birds have been trained using the principles of Chet’s program. The beauty is that it converted our whole family; even our children have watched it. The first step is to successful bird training is to train the trainer, and that's what this program does! Invest in the program... If you don’t invest in something, you really don’t apply yourself. There is so much information!"

- Maurice & Lillian Baum about our Total Transformation Series

"This training was well worth the money. Birds are a big investment in time and life... They’re pets you’re going to have for the rest of your life. To have a bird that’s mistrained and going to live unhappily for 100 years that’s sad for both you AND your bird. We’re considering getting a second rescue bird and applying these secrets."

- John Blon, Chicago about our Total Transformation Series

"I am a huge fan of One Day Miracles. It shows a wide range of people, birds and their behaviors as well as the interactions between human and bird. Offering problem solving and guidance to help improve their relationship with their pets. You get to see the before and after as well as follow along with advice that can help you at home with your own bird. It touches on a lot of wonderful, foundation building, advice that is easy to follow along with and practice."

- Sue Corbisez about One Day Miracles

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