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This product is meant solely as a refill to our Featherapy Aloe Bundles.

Say Aloe To
Beautiful Feathers

Formulated with your bird's health in mind, our aloe spray is designed to hydrate and refresh your bird's skin and feathers back to peak condition.

One of the top questions I get asked about is how do my bird's feathers look so VIBRANT? So colorful? So healthy? Of course, diet plays one of the largest roles in feather condition. Sunlight is another one that can't be faked, but this product has been a huge player in the condition of my bird's feathers. It's literally nature's feather conditioner. And skin... and... all the things. IT'S SO GOOD.

Here are some reasons you may need to add aloe spray to your routine bathing schedule...

1) You live in a colder climate where, for many months out of the year, your birds are kept inside with little humidity or direct sunlight
2) You live in a dry climate where the lack of humidity in the air works against your bird's natural skin and feather health
3) You aren't able to bathe your bird daily and need to make your baths "stretch" a little longer
4) You want to minimize feather destructive behaviors by soothing the underlying skin
5) You just want to add some additional hydration to keep your bird's plumage looking beautiful!
The center cut aloe filet used in our products are of the highest quality, entirely edible and, therefore, safe and healthy for your bird’s after-bath preen!


Directions for Use

Pour the contents of the aloe formula bottle into our FEATHERAPY bottle and fill to the neck of the bottle with water. If you live in a region with high mineral content in your local water we recommend using distilled water to prevent clogging in your spray nozzle.

 before every use to keep the contents well combined.

Give your bird a spray bath! You can soak your bird down with aloe formula like you normally would with just water. Not every bath needs to be an aloe bath, feel free to alternate between just water and this formula.

Safe to use liberally whenever your bird wants to bathe!

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel preserved with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid as a pH regulator (derived from sugarcane), and both xanthan gum and potassium sorbate (derived from corn)

Got a bird who needs this but is scared of spray bottles? Please see the following resources on helping your bird overcoming bathing and spray bottles!

Please Note: This product is not a cure for any ailment or feather destructive behaviors but is intended to help reduce symptoms. Always use in combination with necessary changes to the environment (such as increased humidity) and contact your vet should dry skin or poor feather condition persist.
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