The Complete Bird-Sitter Handbook

  • The Complete Bird-Sitter Handbook
  • The Complete Bird-Sitter Handbook
  • The Complete Bird-Sitter Handbook


The Complete Bird-Sitter Handbook



Everyone With A Bird Should Have a Bird-Sitter On Call.

Leaving home for any reason, even a fun vacation, can be stressful (planning, packing, paying, etc...), but that stress can compound exponentially when leaving pets behind. With birds in particular, finding that perfect person to take care of them while you are away can be extremely tricky and time consuming because, unlike other mainstream pets, there aren't a lot of self-proclaimed "bird-sitters" out there

However, just because they are difficult to find, doesn't mean that they don't exist. Putting the time and energy into finding and training the right person, whether that be a family member, friend, referral or random person you found online, can make all the difference for when you need to leave your birds at home. 

In this Complete Bird-Sitter Handbook, we've broken everything down into 2 sections: For the Owner & For the Sitter

In the For the Owner section, we cover topics such as...

  • When to Start The Process Of Finding Your Perfect Sitter
  • Qualifications Checklist
  • Tools & Resources on Where to Start Looking
  • Recommended Interview Questions
  • Red Flags to Be Aware Of
  • Preparation Checklist
  • Training Your Sitter Checklist and Tips

In the For the Sitter section, we have fillable forms and information that cover topics such as...

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Meet the Flock
  • Daily Schedule
  • House Rules
  • Household Dangers
  • Helpful Q&A's
  • Worst Case Scenario
  • General Notes

Together, these 2 sections form a complete start to finish guide that not only help you find the perfect bird-sitter, but also ensure that once you've found them they are trained and prepared properly

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