Fun Toucan Toys: The Cat Toy Section

Photo by Jamieleigh
Location: Inside our RV
Thinking about playing: Toco Toucan “Rocko”

There’s not exactly a store out there designated for toucan toys so we are pretty much making it up as we go along. The animal toys I’ve found the most helpful have been the cat toy section!


They have all these fun, colorful and sometimes noisy balls to play with that Rocko has been literally – having a ball with them!


He loves to play catch so I’ve gotten a variety of cat balls for him and as long as they don’t already have catnip on them, they work wonders and come in a huge variety.


Some of the things Rocko loves about cat toys:


  • They are bright and colorful
  • Some have bells or some other form of noise maker inside
  • A variety of designs from stripes to other fun patterns that catch attention
  • Squishy textures
  • Different sizes and shapes (we found Angry Bird ones!)
  • Slippery ones that keep him busy for days just trying to catch it and hang on!
  • Fun things hanging off of them such as feathers or strings


Photo by Jamieleigh
Location: Inside our RV
Pictured: Toco Toucan “Rocko”

Playing catch has been one of our all-time favorite games with Rocko so far. Something he plays with with his toys and with his food!


I mostly use these toys to distract him. If he’s into something he shouldn’t be, bothering someone who doesn’t want his attention at the moment or if he becomes aggressive about something I toss one of his ‘cat toys’ or balls onto the bed and he immediately flies over to play with it there. It takes his attention away immediately and keeps him occupied for a while playing with everything. It’s also a way for him to be aggressive with something other than us as we don’t want him thinking we are something he can take his aggression out on, ever. This serves as his outlet.

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