How I Clean ALL My Parrot Perches At Once

This is one of my favorite tricks for thorough cleaning! It requires no soaps or cleaning products whatsoever, which is the awesome part. 



Since I have a lot of birds in large aviaries, I have a lot of perches to clean. It's incredibly time consuming to soak perches in hot water and scrub them (which is what I've done in the past.) 



Now I've simplified this otherwise annoying chore.  

  1. Gather perches.
  2. Place in dishwasher.
  3. Start dishwasher on the longest, hottest, steamiest cycle possible. 

That's it. Enjoy your clean perches! 

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Catherine Hess

Jamie needs to mention that she has two dishwashers. One is used exclusively for her bird items. I wouldn’t want someone to wash their family’s food dishes in the same dishwasher as bird poop.

Catherine Hess

This is an awesome idea! Never did it cross my mind to use the dishwasher to clean perches, would only use to clean their dishes. The amount of clean they came out was really surprising to me, I thought for sure there still would be stuck on poop on some knowing how difficult it can be to remove bird poop on any surface. Love getting all these great tips and information from bird tricks! Thanks :)

Janet Myers

My favorite method four cleaning perches is to use a hand held steamer I use to iron my clothes.

Janet Myers

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