How to Build Your Parrot a Playstand

Home made playstand for pet parrots

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One of those people is Vince and his fiance Jen. Vince was constantly posting photos of his supplies and progress while he attempted to make a playstand for his parrots. All the ones in the market nowadays are so expensive, and being able to “do it yourself” really appeals to people right now when you can do it at home for much, much less, and feel great about something you designed and built!

So I asked Vince for some photos, instructions and everything he could give me so that I could publish a blog on his home made parrot stand so that the rest of us can learn a thing or two and start making our own for less!

First off, get to know the maker…

Jen (my fiance) and I are getting married June 24th, 2012 and can’t wait! We have three birds; a sun conure aka “Jeremy”, a gold cap conure aka “Little foot”, and an African gray parrot aka “Grecey”. We got Jeremy first at a pet store; she was all alone. She came right out for me and we knew she was the one. Little foot we got at another pet store… she was only about 6 months when we got her. We walked by her cage and she was playing and we fell in love. We never thought we would get another bird but we did  Grecey was only 3 months when we saw her. Yes, as a baby we fell in love and had to get her. We would go down and see her everyday. On the weekends we would spend all day with her. I saw the play stand online and kept looking at it for about a year… when I found the more detailed photos I knew I had to build it.

Here is what you will need to make your very own parrot playstand:

– 3/4 PVC piping (between 80-110 feet)

– 10 elbow 90’s

– 6 caps

– 6 4-ways

– 1 special 3-way

– 77  T’s

– LOTS of colored vet tape


Special note before building: Make sure your playstand will fit inside the width of your doorways, otherwise you will be stuck taking it apart to move it from room to room.


Because you’re using PVC piping that fits together, NO GLUE IS NEEDED for assembly. Over any rough edges that have been cut to fit, or any sharp edges, or any parts that you have concern for… you can cover these spots in vet tape.


Once your stand is completely assembled, you can begin adding light weight toys all over it to entice a shy bird to trust that it’s a safe surface. Please test the durability of your playstand BEFORE putting your bird on it. If you are trying to get a timid bird used to something new and that something new thing breaks or moves uneasily under the weight of your bird, your bird will be scared and it will become VERY hard to desensitize your bird to the playstand that you worked so hard to build.


Use rewards like treats, anything your bird really likes (Vince used ice cubes to entice his grey who loves them!), petting and scritches that your parrot loves, and more. Get creative and share what works and doesn’t work for you in a comment so everyone can benefit!


Photo Instructions:

What you’re looking at: The bottom
Note: Once you get the bottom assembled, the rest of the assembly goes much faster!

What you’re looking at: Bottom & middle

What you’re looking at: The middle of playstand

What you’re looking at: Middle & top

What you’re looking at: Side view

What you’re looking at: Back side

What you’re looking at: Front top

I hope this helps all of you in your endeavors to build your own playstand for your pet parrots that’s fun, safe and home made! A HUGE thank you goes out to Vince and Jen for taking the time to take these photos and being willing to share their information with the world of parrot companions to benefit from! Thank you so, so much Vince & Jen!

To see these images full size and in high resolution check them out on our Flickr photostream.



What do you use to cut the pipe?


Does any one have the measurements that need to be cut .. like length and such

Alexandra Read

I am a college student with a Moluccan Cockatoo. Because I am in school, I am on quite a budget. Sunny is a plucker/over-preener and I have been trying to find a reasonably priced play gym for her but have been unsuccessful. I dont have the tools needed to cut the pipe to assemble it nor the imagination to put something together that is able to withstand her weight and keep her occupied. Would you be willing to offer some advice as to what I could for her? Thanks so much

Alexandra Read
Cara s

I’m in the middle of building this play stand for my bird but Iam stuck on the middle part where you start adding the first ladder. I have the bottom assembled and a bit if the middle. I’m having trouble seeing the size of the pipes to cut above that. Is there anyway you could email directions? I would be so thrilled of I could get this done. I’m not handy at all and this is the first thing I have ever tried to “build”.

Cara s

Awesome playstand!


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