How to Store Parrot Pellets (Safe From Environment & Rodents)

I have a flock of 6 parrots (and one toco toucan) so I order my parrot pellets in bulk so that I don't run out unexpectedly. With our lifestyle and travel schedule, that is SUPER important for me. 

If you just need to store a few gallon bags worth of extra pellets, I'd suggest simply tossing them in the freezer. 

Here is a glimpse at what our life looks like (crazzzzy):

These are the air tight containers we use to store our pellets in bulk. I get a 50lb bulk bag of food, so the 50lb size is perfection:

They're available in most major pet stores or online

Our parrot pellets are available in 3 different sizes:

  1. Our popular 4lb bag (then you can freeze any extra in gallon bags.) 
  2. Our 1lb (6 cups) sample bag
  3. Pellets in Bulk (25lbs)! 

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