How to love your lovebird

The lovebird is a playful and energetic small parrot – with great big opinions about life. They are feisty and spicy and full of themselves. Their inquisitive nature will have them exploring every corner of its world – and yours.

Contrary to their names, they are not cuddly birds. They are independent and can rarely hold still long enough to enjoy being loved on by their owners. Things to do…places to go. They thrive in a busy and active home.

That is not to say that they are not a friendly and sociable bird, quite the contrary. They love to spend time with every member of the household and while they might have a favorite person, they do not tend to discriminate against any others. Love birds love everyone equally, well , almost equally.

A common myth is that lovebirds do not thrive in captivity without another lovebird for companionship. This is untrue! While a lovebird will gladly accept the company of another of its species, it regards its humans as flock mates and will bond closely with them.

How to keep your lovebird showing the love

Lots of socialization is the key to keeping a lovebird happy. They require out of cage time every day that involves interaction with the whole family. The lovebird is not typically known as a bird that demands the attentions of its owner and they are quite content to play independently. However, this fact might contribute to behavioral problems like biting, as owners are more likely to neglect the socialization of a bird that does not demand it.

Those birds that do not receive a lot of interaction with their humans can become unfriendly and unpredictable in their behavior. Lovebirds are, by nature, cage territorial and nippy. They need a daily dose of positive experience with their flock members to remain handle-able.

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