Monthly Mystery Parrot Toy Boxes!

I'm so excited about our Monthly Mystery Parrot Toy Boxes! Here's what's great about them if you don't watch the video (or even if you do!):

  • Toys are delivered to YOUR DOOR as often as you choose! 
  • It's a surprise! You don't even know what is in them, only how many you are getting! We pick the appropriate sized toys for your bird and ship them right to you without any thinking on your part! 
  • They're different every time to keep your bird from getting bored, and to keep you thinking of creative ways to encourage play for your parrot. (If you need help in that avenue, check out our blog related articles for ideas.) 
  • Our toy line is non-toxic, doesn't use any harmful chemicals or dyes, and supports community. 
  • These toys are made from all natural materials including coconuts, oyster shells, wood, and corn husks. 
  • A majority of the toys we include in our boxes are for foraging/food finding to keep your parrot busy throughout the day and offer the ultimate enrichment. 

And there's a zillion more reasons you can read throughout our website or see for yourself with your own monthly box! 

We currently have two different bundles available to you...

#1 Our 3-toy bundle for ANY size parrot!

#2 Our 11-toy bundle for Small/Medium sized birds as its a mixed box including both sizes! 

If you're looking to try out some toys first before committing, you can shop our entire toy collection and pick out exactly what you want. It will also show you our selection of toys from which yours will come, too. So you have an even bigger picture of what you might receive in your box! 

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