Raising Rocko the Toco Toucan: Changes in His Appearance

Photo by Dave
Location: Reno, NV
Shown: 3 month old Toco Toucan “Rocko”

It has been really fascinating to see Rocko grow each and every day. Dave and I keep looking at pictures of adult toco toucans and feel amazed that he is someday going to look like that. How unreal!


Because we keep comparing how he looks now to what he is going to look like… we have been able to notice small changes in his appearance.

His eyes are a purple-ish color right now, and we can see how they’ll be changing to blue before we know it.


Black is also coming in on his beak now, where it will be as an adult eventually.



Photo by Dave
Location: Reno, NV
Pictured: 3 month old Toco Toucan “Rocko”


Rocko’s birthday is officially July 1, 2011 for those of you keep track along with us on how much he grows and changes as he grows up day by day.


He has been so much fun so far, I’m so excited for his lifelong journey with us!

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