Must-Know Things That Set African Greys Apart From Other Parrots

I don’t usually write articles that are species specific. Sure, they generate website traffic – everyone wants to know more about their own bird.  But the reality is that most parrot species are so similar to the other parrot species that the articles are all interchangeable: “Things You Should Know About Your (insert bird species here).” They ...
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How Much Should My Bird Weigh?


The domestication of animals is something that humans have done through breeding for millennia to manipulate animals with the intention of creating ones that are used for service or companionship, that are suited to be in human society and are aesthetically pleasing.

Domestication is what we have done with dogs, which started out as wolves. Humans bred dogs together which both possessed qualities they wanted to carry on – from personality traits to size to coloring and markings. It ...

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How to Prepare Yourself for Rescue Work

Birds' Arrival 244

Senegal Parrot waving “hello.”


If you dream of opening your own parrot rescue or sanctuary (and let’s be honest, it crosses the minds of a lot of us once we’ve seen how birds suffer in the wrong environments!), the most important step of all is to get yourself ready. Many owners find that they are not suited mentally, physically, or emotionally.

What is the difference, first of all, between a parrot rescue and a parrot sanctuary? A rescue typically rehabilitates an ...

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How Much Should My Congo African Grey Weigh?

Congo African Grey

Q: I have asked a lot of people what is the normal weight for my congo African grey and everyone gives me a really different answer. What do you guys have to say?

-Stan L., Jacksonville, FL

A: It doesn’t surprise me that you have gotten a variety of answers, in a way it’s a trick question. In reality, the normal congo african grey weight can be anywhere between 400 -700 grams. That information is not ...


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Spoiling your Parrot Vs. Good Quality of Life





How do we tell the difference between spoiling a pet, and giving a good quality of life?

There are two main components for a captive bird’s quality of life:

  1. The basics: Food, water, a decently-sized cage, fresh toys, suitable perches, and a clean, safe environment
  2. Unconditional love: Your understanding, patience, dedication, and empathy

If you’re wondering whether a bird is spoiled, ask if what he has or is being given is really necessary in his life?

Providing a parrot the basics isn’t so basic at all in the eyes of many non-bird people. ...

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Using Your Energy When Working with Birds


African Grey

Energy is very important to parrots and how they react to us. Our birds can sense our every mood change, reading both your body language and the way you look to them in UV. They can perceive many more colours than we can, and – as the Island Parrot Sanctuary once put it to me – because of that, they know you better than you know yourself. They can see your mood.

One of the things I try and do with new or ...

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