One day Dave walked into a pet shop looking for doves when the shop owner offered him a toucan. He'd never imagined owning a toucan before, but could not resist and that's where the infatuation started.   A complicated diet As stunning and exotic as these magnificent birds are, they are insanely difficult - near impossible - to keep in ca...
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Toucan Food Feeding Guide

Chrissann, a fellow toco toucan owner (of 3 actually), passed this food chart onto me that she found, it’s from the Toucan Husbandry Manual of the Riverbanks Zoo.


This is a complete food feeding guide for Green Aracari.

Although it doesn’t say it’s specifically a food chart for toucans, it’s pretty darn close for what you’re going to find out there on toucans. And if you go through the chart, it pretty much lists toucans in conjunction to everything so I really believe it applies and is a safe and ...


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