Determining Where to Start with Rescued and Re-Homed Pet Birds


Rescuing or re-homing a parrot comes with unique challenges.


When we first bring home a rescued or re-homed parrot, we need to be aware that it isn’t like bringing a fresh new baby bird in. Every one of these beautiful animals – even a young one – can be expected to be unsettled and nervous upon reaching a new environment, but an adopted pet is more likely to suffer from depression, potential aggression, and fear issues, including anxiety. There may also be health issues, ...

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Help! I Don’t Have An Avian Veterinarian!

Dr. Brian Speer photo from

Q: The closest avian veterinarian is three hours away! What should I do if my parrot gets sick?
Brandi V, Chattanooga, TN

 Why an “avian” veterinarian?

A: There is a very good reason for all the fuss about avian veterinarians. Dogs, cats and other mammals have physiology that is entirely different than that of birds. There are diseases which confront only avian species and the medications for an illness must be geared specifically toward the treatment of birds.

Even the most routine examination of a parrot requires proper ...

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Choosing a Good Avian Veterinarian For Your Parrot


One of the biggest decisions you will face as a parrot owner is in selecting the right avian veterinarian. Here, in Austin TX, there are a large number of parrot owners, so we are graced with several avian vets allowing us the freedom to choose among them. Other states have relatively few, and I have a number of friends who drive hours to get to one.

Why an avian specialist? A birds physiology largely differs from that of our cats and dogs. Testing for and treating disease and injury in our companion parrots ...

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