Morgan's Story: A Camelot Macaw With a Foot Deformity

For a short time, I found myself working at a large private aviary in the Pacific Northwest. Just before starting that job, Caleb (the caretaker vacating the position) got a phone call from a woman in tears begging him to come and take away this bird that was flying at and attacking the members of the household. Caleb went to her home and retur...
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Clipping a Fledging Parrot’s Wings is an OUTRAGE!

Blue throated macaw

Flight is the one characteristic that birds have that distinguishes them from all other animals. A bird’s entire physiology is designed for flight. And its emotional health is tied into its ability to fly. It is something that we at Birdtricks are very passionate about.

Recently, a member of our community, Parker, posted on Facebook about a frustrating experience he had with his breeder: the lady weaning his young macaw clipped his bird’s wings after he had told her NOT to.

This made us all angry because Parker ...

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