Things I wish I Had Known When I First Got A Parrot

People who are new to parrot keeping will agree on one thing: having a bird in the house is a challenge. There is a lot of reading you should do to understand a bird’s needs and wants, and how to keep them safe in the human environment. This is all vital information.

Here, though, are some tips that I have stumbled across during my own journey with my birds that you won’t find in the parrot care books. I wish I had known these things from the beginning…

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The Biggest Mistake We Make With Parrots

Goffins cockatoo, Theo

Of all of the mistakes we make with our parrots there is one that stands out over the rest. It is something that we often do unconsciously, but sometimes very consciously. Sometimes it happens just because we don’t understand not to do it.

Unfortunately, it is one of the most damaging mistakes we make, and creates problems that are some of the hardest to fix: in a word, it is inconsistency.

It doesn’t sound terribly evil, does it? Actually, though, it is among the worst of all our sins we ...


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A Parrot’s Bad Behavior Can Lead To Good

Blue and gold macaw

It seems to me that the people who have the most success with their parrots are the same ones who have evolved child rearing skills. The two jobs are, after all, very much alike. A good parent knows to encourage good behavior rather than expect it, because freedom of choice means that it can go either way.

I was recently having an online discussion with some other parrot owners about setting our birds up for success. One person was saying that she believed the best way to handle ...


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