Thinking Like A Bird

Sun conure

I’m fairly certain that nature never meant for humans and birds to come together. I don’t think we could be less alike. There are the obvious physical differences which cause us to have to perform certain tasks in different ways, but there really big differences aren’t the physical ones.

We think nothing alike. Their concerns and goals are entirely different than ours. They communicate through body language, we use speech. With their body language they are precise and to the point. We ramble on endlessly, sometimes not stopping in time ...


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Giving Your Parrot Too Much Freedom Can Be Dangerous


My cockatiels were my first parrots and they were very patient with me while I learned how to be a good caregiver. I hated the idea of them being confined and they spent their days out of their cage intermingling with the humans. Most often, they were riding on a shoulder while we went about our activities but, as ground foragers, they would often make their way to the floor to explore.

I bird proofed the house as much as possible, removed electrical cords and any toxic substances from reach, ...

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