Keeping Your Birds Safe Around Dogs And Cats


Can dogs, cats and birds live together?


Photos and videos of birds with other pets tend to start wars on social media. There are many people that swear their dogs and/or cats are best friends with their birds but there are just as many tragic stories where those friendships end in disaster. It’s a tough topic.


There are two main reasons to be concerned about letting your birds interact with your dogs and cats. The first and most obvious is the fact that you’re trying ...


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Why You Should NOT Handle A Stranger’s Bird

I am a person that really needs to touch a bird to understand its composition. I want to feel the muscles in its chest and legs to get a sense of it’s body design. So when I see a person out with their parrot, especially if it’s a species I have little familiarity with, I have to satisfy myself with asking questions and hearing...

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