African Grey Learns to Kiss on Cue via Observational Learning

Out of my entire flock of parrots (which consists of nine) only one of them is a real talker. Many of them talk/mimic human words, but only one shows a great interest in doing so consistently - and that is my male galah, Bandit. 

Bandit is such a talker, that he does it most of the time, including when humans aren’t around him. He usually share...
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Plucking: Sometimes it’s the Symptom, Not the Problem

Photo by Dave
Location: Waynesboro, VA
Beginning stages of plucking shown: Galah “Bondi”


As our tour comes to an end there have been some major changes for us and our birds. To name a few off the top of my head:


  • We sent the aviaries to powder coating and Chet’s house so he could have them for his birds while we traveled through Washington state. So no more aviaries for our birds for the last month of tour.
  • The arrival of Rocko our baby toco toucan.
  • Lots ...

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Training Parrots Tricks in 2 Minutes!

Yes, I really did train my cockatoo, Bondi, how to wave in 2 minutes! And in a hotel room in Moab, Utah while on the road! It was pretty cute and I thought I’d have a harder time with it than I did because she knows so many things (ie: she shakes with her left foot, targets with her right and rolls over plus much more!)

But she got it immediately.

The more you train your bird, the faster they will catch on to the next ...

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