Protecting Your Bird From Poor Air Quality

Dandenongs burn off

A planned burn in the Dandenongs, Victoria, Australia. It doesn’t look it to the untrained eye, but this actually a controlled fire.  Firefighters do these burns to reduce fuel load to reduce the risk of serious bushfire. The smoke blankets numerous suburbs when they do this.


Occasionally something may happen in the area that you live that can create poor air quality. It wasn’t that long ago that there were reports of pigeons falling dead out of the sky in ...


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The Aftermath Of Bushfires


Wild galah flock at Hughenden in Outback Qld. A community who have seen both flood and fire in the past.


Arguably Australia’s most famous poem, “My Country” by Dorothea Mackellar still accurately describes Australia more than a hundred years after it was first penned. It also helps capture why when Australia has a natural disaster like a bushfire, there is nothing half-hearted about that disaster.  Australia is a sunburnt country and this summer is proving no exception.


The Australian landscape and climate favours certain types ...


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