Dangerous Air Borne Contaminates

Harlequin macaw

Our parrot’s respiratory systems are entirely unlike our own or that of other mammals. It is unique in design and far more efficient. Because of this fact, their sensitivity to pollutants in the air is heightened and can cause them suffering and death long before we would ourselves be affected.
We have all heard the stories about the canaries used in coal mines back in the day. Miners would place a cage of canaries in the mines. This was to determine if there were emissions of natural gases, which ...

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Smoking Around Your Birds

Blue and Gold Macaws

If you choose to smoke, that’s your business and your right.  This post is about secondhand smoke, and how smoking around you birds affects affects their health.

What is secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smoke is the smoke that is emitted from a cigarette, from either the burning end or the filtered end.  It contains thousands of different chemicals that fill the air as either gases or particulates.  Following are facts about secondhand smoke by the National Cancer Institute and the EPA:

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