Homemade Cockatiel Seed and Grain Mix Recipe

Did you know that there are no laws or restrictions governing the production of commercial seed mixes?? That means that everything from the quality of the grains used to chemical additives goes without supervision. Did you ever notice the handful of “dust” at the bottom of your pre-packaged mix? While a certain amount of dust is to be expected ...
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Rescuing A Bird Without Removing It Permanently


Jackie - a young female cockatiel with issues


Meet Jackie. A young, very friendly female cockatiel that is different from most companion birds because Jackie has a job. Jackie lives in an aged care facility (nursing home) where she provides “animal therapy” to the human residents who require assisted living care. As you can probably imagine, this little bird has become very important to the residents, as they are unable to have their own pets. Many don’t have regular visitors, so the companionship ...


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