Congo African Grey Learns to Talk

Backstage during one of our shows about three weeks ago, our Congo african grey parrot, Cressi, who is about 8 years old now, said her name from her travel carrier. It was in an adorable little voice that called, “Cressi!” just like I say it. 

I quickly said, “good!” and rushed over with a treat. I couldn’t find a clicker fast enough, and in th...
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African Grey Parrot Learns to Shake Head "No"

In my attempts to catch Cressi saying her name, I ended up teaching her to shake her head "no". I know, sounds crazy, right? But every time I would take Cressi out to have  'training session', she would offer everything BUT saying her name. I noticed how often she naturally shakes her head, and I decided to capture it. I figured that since I'm ...
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African Grey Learns to Kiss on Cue via Observational Learning

Out of my entire flock of parrots (which consists of nine) only one of them is a real talker. Many of them talk/mimic human words, but only one shows a great interest in doing so consistently - and that is my male galah, Bandit. 

Bandit is such a talker, that he does it most of the time, including when humans aren’t around him. He usually share...
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Cressi the African Grey Parrot Joins Illuscination!

Congo African Grey Parrot

Ever since touring on the road Dave and I have worked hard to get more and more of our birds into the show that didn’t start out in it when we opened. The mental stimulation, constant interaction and quality time they get out of being in the show is unbeatable and we want them all to experience it. We also want to be able to give our birds days off, even when we don’t have the day off from the show ourselves.

Our social butterfly, er, I mean, ...

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