2 Things That Should Be In Every Parrot’s Home

Vet wrap comes in different widths and colors

There are items that we have mentioned over the years that you must not be without as a bird owner. Among them are the gram scale, the first aid kit and enough carriers to move all of your birds in an emergency.

Here are a 2 other things that you should not be without:

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5 Things Every Parrot Owner Should Have

For the tiny creatures that they are, parrots seem to have a lot of things, from cages to boxes of toys to dishes to perches and swings.  They dominate any home they occupy.  Here are 5 more things that you should not be without, or without access to, when you own a parrot:

Birds are so good at masking an illness that there are few ways that we have to learn that something is wrong. One of those ways is by weighing them frequently. Because birds are so light, they must be ...

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