Is It Possible To “Normalise” A Bird Person’s House?


The: “What will happen if I swing this blind’s pole into the glass door?” expression.


I’m moving house. I’m staying in the same state but flipping over to the other side – so a few hours from where I am now. Suddenly I find myself preparing my existing house for “normal people” to rent. It has come as a little bit of a shock for me to take off my “bird person” glasses and try to look at my home objectively without thinking about ...


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What Is Yours Is Actually MINE


My new purple sneakers


I recently bought a new pair of sneakers. They are purple and I absolutely LOVE them. Ok you’re all going to think I’m weird. Who gets that excited over sneakers? The thing is – I’ve been wearing the same pair of sneakers for over 20 years. If you do the maths you will realize that this must mean that I got my old pair when I was a child. I’ll admit it’s a little scary that they lasted that long; ...


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