Is Using Diatomaceous Earth To Kill Bugs Safe Around Parrots?

Q: I have been looking for a natural way to control fleas in my house and diatomaceous earth has been recommended. Is it safe for parrots?

-Robert K., Baton Rouge, LA 

As much as we dislike it, bugs are a part of life. They infest our homes, animals, sometimes us. There are many methods used to combat an infestation, but most involve chemicals that are deadly to all life depending on the amount used. Our parrots are especially vulnerable to chemicals and as their guardians we have to ...


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Natural Bird Safe Pest Remedies

It’s not even technically summer yet and it’s already hotter than you-know-where in Florida.  Along with the summer heat comes the insects.  Those of us with birds, pets and children know it’s especially important to reach a solution to these problems that is not toxic to those who might come in contact with it.

If you go to the supermarket, you will find shelves of insecticides and  bug repellents like Off.  Some of these products work really well.  Combat ant traps are great, but  they could also kill your bird should he gets a hold of one. A few years ago, ...

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