The Second Biggest Mistake We Make With Our Birds

Congo african grey

A while back I wrote an article about the biggest mistake we make with our birds. This article is about our second biggest mistake…

This is a mistake that we make with the best of intentions. It can sideline our plans for our birds, cause us to lose their trust and cause them to lose their willingness to expand their horizons.

It is – impatience.

We live in a results oriented ...


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Converting Your Bird From An All Seed Diet

It is my firm belief that providing a proper diet is our #1 responsibility to our birds.  As long as we keep wild creatures in a cage, and at our mercy, it is imperative that we at least give them that which they need to maintain their health, both mental and physical.
Many of us have parrots who have come to us with serious diet issues whether they have been re-homed or have come from a pet store. In this age of information there are still many, many parrots living on an all seed ...

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