Dealing With Heart Failure in a Rosebreasted Cockatoo

My elderly Rosebreasted Cockatoo/Galah

A bit over a month ago, I did a post about how a heat source helped stabilise my elderly galah when he suddenly fell ill. He had a minor infection, which he has recovered from.

Unfortunately though, there was a reason that a minor infection was such a major problem. A normal bird, would have coped with a minor infection a lot more easily – the fact that he didn’t showed that something else was going on.

It has been ...


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Macaw with Psittacosis

Fid my Blue and Gold Macaw


My Blue and Gold Macaw named Fid joined my flock back in February this year. He went through the standard ‘new bird’ vet consultation and was diagnosed with psittacosis and an assortment of other much more minor problems.

When I last wrote about him, Fid’s was health was steadily improving and I’d finally solved the issue of his terrible sleeping habits and fear of the dark by giving him ...


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Why You Should Have a Necropsy Done When Your Parrot Dies

Rose Breasted Cockatoos

To me, the loss of a pet is like the loss of a family member.  It takes a long time to fill the void they leave behind.  I lost my aged cat just shortly before I moved here to Orlando.  He was a snuggly little thing and my constant companion.  My ex-husband used to tell me that I preferred cuddling with my cat at night to him.  He was correct.  My cat never hogged the covers or elbowed me in the face by accident in the middle of ...

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How Many Parrots is TOO Many?


Multiple Bird Syndrome (MBS).  If this were an actual term, wikipedia would define it as:  A deep psychological yearning to get just one more, and just one more  after that.  This condition is generally brought on by overexposure to cute pictures and stories about your friends multiple birds.  The only known cure is the threat of divorce by your spouse or intervention by the Dept of Health.

MBS is a term used by many on the bird talk boards.  I suffer terribly from it.  Whenever anyone posts a picture of their ...

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